Volunteer Opportunity

We have opportunities for people to volunteer to help us with all the tasks we have every day for the animals that are in our care.
We ask that children be 10 years old, and have a true interest in learning about the animals and the care that they need. They will be well supervised with an adult to guide them through their experience with all the animals.
The same goes for adults who come to help us; we of course will help you to understand our routines, and wishes for each of our animals.
We look forward to having you come help us with our mission of helping those who can not speak for themselves.

Being a Public Benefit also brings us to helping those who have had terrible disasters come their way, and need a helping hand from us to get back up to where they can take care of themselves again.
This will include helping with donations, sorting packing and delivery.

We thank all of you who whould like to come forward and help us.
The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.