Meet the Team

                 Goodnight Lucas President

Goodnight  is a man with a heart of gold, with a little bit of a rough edge to him, deep down he has what it takes to take on tough situations; some of them heart breaking. But that is what makes him the man that he is to lead a fearless group of hard working people who all have the same mind set: To make the world a better place, one small step at a time.
He has been involved with animal rescue for the past 20 plus years, for him it is a passion that means everything to him; if there is a needy animal or human he is there to give that hand up to who ever it is. Always taking the steps to make it a better place for who ever needs his help.
A great man who loves life, in all forms, Guided by the Lord above.

Lynette Lucas Secretary/Treasurer

OK my turn, I am Lynette I knew Goodnight when I was 9 years old he was 11, we went to Grade School together in Pistol River, Oregon. We were also students of our 4-H leader Rose Walker who you will learn about later; we were very active with horses and many animals growing up on the ranches of Pistol River.
We parted ways in our teen years not to see each other until many years had passed by; as of three years ago we were able to connect and become friends, partners and now husband and wife. I was the piece that Goodnight needed to complete the ministry that he is so dedicated to; I am just as dedicated to what he is doing because it has been my life helping, and caring for animals that needed someone to step in, and make their life a better one.  I am here to help Goodnight make his Mission complete.
I am dedicated to making the life of many a better one.