“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

― Josh Billings ―
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Our mission is to care for all the animals that come through our gate, to help them medically, mentally and physically. To understand what has happened to them, and help them move in the direction that we all want for them: A 'Forever Home of Love, and Safety.'
Providing a safe place for the public to surrender their pet; educating on the proper care, feeding and training of their pet.  Our main concern is providing a good service to make life better for all the animals, and the people who care for them. Safety and education is our priority.
Our Oldest Friends
Evidence for domestication of the dog 12,000 years ago
Evidence for domestication of the cat 9,500 years ago


We are a team of animal Care Givers helping the animals that come to our door looking for safety and understanding; we are here to help the lost find their way back to health and happiness.
Our Promise to all who come through our gates, and doors: We will supply medical help where needed; we have a spay/neuter program as well as   working with those that have been abused mentally, helping them to trust again. We are very careful with finding that right home where they will have a very happy forever home.
Archie our first big challenge he needed a lot of hands on training, and understanding. Being bred the way he was, was a problem for us to deal with; sometimes people don't undersand that when you mix a dog up with several breeds you end up with a confused puppy who needs a very strong leader to move him in the right direction which is what this guy needed.
Pets who needed a lot of therapy